Friday, March 03, 2006

Fibromyalgie is a disease very invalidating.

Fibromyalgie is a very widespread and badly known disease

this affection touches approximately 2 to 4% of the world population of which more than 2 million français.Elle generally appears between 20 and 35 years, but currently, affects all the age brackets and a majority the women.

Recognized by the O.M.S. in 1992, it is still not it in France, despite everything the efforts of associations of patients.

The pain is the major symptom, it appears various ways: worsened by the effort, tiredness, moisture, the stress, like step prolonged positions.
The pain is permanent, its variable intensity, being able to go until the acute pain.
Muscular tiredness is the second symptom, which can go until exhaustion.
The third symptom, is the nonrepairing sleep.
This clinical picture is frequently accompanied by other various signs, such as: functional cephalgias, colopathies, syndrome of Raynaud, dry syndrome, urinary infections, paraesthesias, morning stiffness, cramp, loss of memory, etc...

The doctors are disarmed vis-a-vis with this pathology whose mechanisms are known little about, they can only relieve the patients by listening, the soft massages, the balneotherapy, the cures at a watering-place, heat, the medical treatments, analgesics and antidepresseurs.

The patients must in more of the pain, to make face with problems administrative, financial, the incomprehension of their entourage (family, relational, professional.), and generally find themselves in extremely difficult situations.

This disease destroys us gradually,
will we let it make? not, biensûr that not.
it is necessary TO FIGHT, in order to make this disease invisible, VISIBLE, so that it can finally, being recognized of the medical environments and administrative of health.


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